Don't be afraid or to much concerned with if the relationship will last.If you want to know about your real relationship status? Be in the Now and ask yourself some important questions:

- Am i being treated right? As a human being, the way i deserve?

- Is this someone i can completely open up to and be vulnerable with, without feeling unsafe?

- Is this a person who understands me, sometimes even better than i know myself?

- Is this person someone who stands by my side even when the going gets tuff?

- Can i be totally honest with this person? Someone who doesn't back down from the truth?

- Is this the person i feel most at home with?

- Does being with this person makes me want to do better, makes me better?

Now take a moment...

Look at the answers...

What is this telling you? What's your story? And is this a story worth telling? Because if it is, you don't need to worry about the future. This is all you need Right Now. This is the future, Always, Endless, Now !

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