1389435_841184055952510_892741461_nLet's share a minutes eye contact with strangers in public to rebuild our sense of shared humanity!

Date: 29 October 2016 | Place: Blaak (grass field next to) Markhal Rotterdam | Time: 14.00-16.30uur

The Innerviewer invites you to be part of this act of kindness and connectedness of the human spirit, as it takes on the role of organizing this amazing event.


What to do,
What do you need?
The concept is simple...

1. Click attending on the eventpage to stay updated. If you don't have Facebook send us an email informing us about your joining/helping.

2. For getting inspired and how it will go down, watch this video example.

3. Invite your friends to this event. Share the Facebook link or this blog.

4. On the 29th of October join us on the grass field next to Markthal Rotterdam to share a minutes eye contact with strangers (friends of other friends you've never met before) to rebuild our sense of shared humanity.

6. The event will be taped and shown on the internet. Showing how humanity connects, harmoniously.


Come, 29 oct
And connect!

You don't need much. For those participating, wanting to help build up, let us know if you'll be bringing:2x pillows or a picnic rug or folding chairs, or maybe Hula Hoops? Each to sit on or stand in during the experiment. For those just wanting to connect, come! With this group of people coming together for this special occasion we wish to enable the people of Rotterdam to embark on these 1 minutes journeys that will reach its destination in the hearts of many across the world. Join us!


Want to help or more information? Contact The Innerviewer |


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