1. Make it safe

The person being interviewed has to feel they can trust you. So be honest, be yourself, make the conversation a Safe place to be.

2. Be prepared

Yes. Research. Know what you are talking about. But also be prepared to let everything you think you know go. You might think you know it all, but you don't.

3. Make eye contact

If you are not making good eye contact you are not giving All of your attention. The person being interviewed will feel that and hold back. Everyone wants to be seen. Really connect.

4. Be the best listner you can be

Listen with compassion. Do your best to understand, if not with your mind always from your heart. There's no truth in judgement. Put that a side and really listen.

5. Their story Your story

You too are responsible for the story and message the interviewee is tryin to put out. Therefore make sure this is a story You want to share with the world..

6. Questions from the heart

Ask questions that compliments heart and soul. Don't be afraid to confront. But always make sure integrity comes first. Never ask with the intent to hurt or damage.

7. Gratitude

Someone intrusts their intimate truth to you. They dared to be vulnerable. Be thankful. And as a compliment dare to be vulnerable and share openly yourself.


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