Salute your woman

Busy working on your dreams? Don't forget, you need a dreamteam to help you carry your vision to the next level of greatness. How i keep my flow steady and balanced has everything to do with a small group of very special people coming together and supporting the dream, unconditionally. At the heart of the dreamteam stands this amazing woman. After 20 years there is no other person more committed to the mission. She doesn't walk out when things get really challenging. This female powerhouse stands by me through the good and the bad, the beauty and the ugly, the highs and lows. She stands by her man as i stand by her, learning and evolving as we grow. Together! We constantly compliment each others unique abilities, adding value to our family structure, our love based foundation. For example, I don't like taking a break from doing the dreamwork. Going on holiday or vacations, not really my thing. But she persistently showed me the body needs rest. Taking a break once in awhile helps recharge and reboot. Creating room for the mind to expand and the spirit to provide us with necessary new insights. The heart, body mind spirit. They all work together. Coming together as a team. A perfect harmony. I love her for showing me this... Okay, not always!! Let's be honest. I prove to be quite stubborn at times. But she's right. I do need it!

I think we should honour our women more. Raise them high, because they raise us. They sometimes know us better then we know ourselves. Without them letterly helping us waking up there would not be any waking up in the dream.

Salute your woman!

Thank U ♥

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