Welcome to yet another day of great opportunity to change people's lives

Are you on the job, reading this from behind your work desk? Please do your best not to be at your computer for too long. Start a real life conversation, with someone present. Talk to one another, really talk. Don't skip on the opportunity to have an awesome conversation. It will not happen by accident, so make it a fact. Be the work floor hero I know you can be. Here's what you do...


Find someone who you know deserves some recognition. Someone who's work you value but is unluckily taken for granted. I want you to find the good in that person and pay gratitude to it. Pay it forward. If you don't know the words. Trust. Activate your heart, it will bring up the right lyrics. Here’s some inspiration, for example: "I know we have not always been in agreement for some time, not seeing eye to eye, but you coming in everyday doing the work is much appreciated, I’m sorry i didn't tell you this before. Let's work on making it better.”

It's all about using sincere and profound words creating positive vibrations and flow. Don’t let the fear of not knowing how the person will react stop you from doing what you need to do. Trust. For every (good) action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I guarantee you, that somebody will be touched! It will change your (working) relationship for the better and be an inspiration to your environment.

Happy talk ya’ll.


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