Oh what a beautiful thing, our amazing minds. But be aware of what you think. The brain is a powerful force to reckon with. Its strength can influence the entire state of being. This is because when you consistently think of something it becomes. Thoughts are like fuel for our actions. And actions automatically lead to consequences. So if you are thinking positive thoughts, it will effect you positive. But if you focus on the negative, like for instance holding on to painful memories? Get ready for mayhem! Not something you want right!

So how do we control our thoughts? Can we? And how do we start healing from old emotional wounds?

I think there are no limits on what you can do and achieve. With the power of choice and will, You Can. But it requires heart work and taking responsibility! You have to commit. In your mind you need to focus on You, stop looking at others for change! Dare to be the change. Start working on yourself. Heal from within. It's as complicated as it is simple.

When people come to me for an innerview, seeking help, when they are just fed up with the hurting but not knowing the exact roots of the pain. This is when we dive deep, going back to basics. We examine the thoughts-flow and re-focus. By going In and making the connecting, with what I call the Twin State of Being; Heart and Mind working together! This is when the power of the mind recieves guidance from the flow of heart.

Because when people talk about their past and they start feeling anxious and deep unknown emotions errupt in that very moment it's important to pay attention to your heartbeat and breathing and become very still!!! Becoming still is the best way to start getting back control! Hearing your heart beat works like meditation, its rhythm will comfort you, make you feel safe and guide you to feel what is the best thing to do. From there on you will reviece more inside information of the inner workings.

A great way to get back control and heal. This new focus will help you process the thoughts-data in a positive way, think happy thoughts, giving you more knowelegde of self, without the emotions taking over. This is finding yourself again, finding back Joy and passion. Feeling lighter and happier. And the biggest bonus: Being in control, thinking positive thoughts, will make you think good of your future.

Come a long way, but is thinking of the past still a challenge for you? Come and see me for an INNERview.

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