Why I love Trump

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Why I love Trump has nothing to do with the man, his principles, the choices he makes, his leadership skills or where he stand for politically or privately. I believe there is a reason for everything. There is a reason for Trump. There's a reason for Trump as president. Me not agreeing with the way the world works, asking myself what gave the good Lord motivation to put this leader up there (God definitely worked in mysterious ways on this one) has nothing absolutely nothing to do with my ability to love!

Here's the thing... Did you ever stop and realise, really resonate with the impact Trump, how it makes us feel, from the inside? What really happens within ourselves when the issue Trump comes up? Because we might not like the guy, agree with him, some of us even despise and hate everything about him. But if we examine our feelings we discover that they're yours and mine. Yes. What we feel says everything about the person feeling it.

So how does Trump make you feel? Do you feel anger, fear, doubt, disappointment... ? Do you feel judgement a lack of empathy? Do you feel disconnected with inner peace and blaming someone else for it? THIS my friend has nothing to do with Trump. This is all You! It's all us. What this situation with Trump shows us, if we can look past the surface and see, that we again receive invitation to find the love within ourselves - and make the connection.

Looking past our own judgements on people and life to see beyond, taking responsibility for our own lives. Trumps presence, whatever he symbolises, nearly impossible to connect with, is just one big open invitation to connect with or stay connected with the positive vibes, the love within ourselves.

And this is why I love Trump
My gratitude for unconditional love!

And if you feel slightly agitated after reading this? Don't forget *Breathe in Breath out*

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